Our History

The idea of Rolltex started on a fly fishing trip back in the early 70’s. Jimmy Floyd, a young dad, successful Pumping Unit salesman for American Manufacturing Company, was talking with his friends on the way home from that fishing trip in Colorado. Like most young dads, worrying about his kids future, the topic of discussion turned to how to make some extra money to help put his four kids through college. Two of the friends on the trip just happened to be Mickey T. and Tad F., founders of Associated Dynamics.  They suggested that Jimmy go into the bearing business, using ADI as his source for bearings. After several hours, the group had come up with a business plan and the concept of Rolltex Bearing was born.

In 1974, with a $500 investment and later a small business loan from his parents, Jimmy Floyd started Rolltex in his garage. Jimmy set up consigned inventories throughout the Permian Basin, loading up the Suburban every Friday, checking the consignments, restocking shelves and counting how much money he made on the way home.

As you know, Rolltex was originally started to help pay for college for his four children. With that mission accomplished, his worst nightmare (just kidding) came true and three of his children came back to work for him, along with two of their spouses.

Current owners, Jay Floyd, Renee F. Rogers, and Scott Rogers have been here since 1989.  We moved into our current location, a 10,000 sq warehouse, in 1991. Since that time, we have expanded our inventory to over 15,000 part numbers and over 30 product categories. Today Rolltex is proud to say that we are a 3rd generation family owned company with two of Jimmys grandkids now working for the company.

While still serving the Pumping Unit Industry with quality bearings, we have greatly expanded our product lines to meet many Industrial supply needs. We are always looking for Product lines that we can add that will help our customers. Along with providing a quality product with customer service second to none, our goal is to solve problems for our customers.

Rolltex Inc