Oil seals and O-Rings are the two most common types of seals on the market.

Oil seals are used to maximize the life of your bearing, whether in a gear box or hydraulic cylinder, by keeping out harmful debris and ensuring that the lubrication stays in and allowing the bearing to operate smoothly. O-Rings are utilized in a number of applications but most commonly used to create a seal between two parts. 


Oil Seals

In order to keep the lubricant in, typically oil or grease, oil seals have a rubber lip that presses up against the shaft to provide a seal. To provide a better seal, some oil seal lips come with a spring reinforced lip to make sure the lip is as tight around the shaft as possible.

At Rolltex we provide the highest quality product, which is why over 90% of the oil seals we stock have the Spring Reinforced Double Lip, also called the ‘T’ Lip.

In addition to the lip style, for all of our standard metal case seals we try to stock the double reinforced frame to minimize damage during installation.

The majority of our inch oil seals are the TA2 style. For all our Metric seals we stock a wide range of sizes all in the ‘TC’ style.


Clipper Style Seals

Similar to Oil Seals, the clipper style seal utilizes the rubber lip to create a seal against the shaft to keep debris out and lubrication in. 

What makes  the clipper style seal unique is there is no metal in the seal. This allows easier installation with reduced damage, improved sealing capabilities with the seal OD, and no rust or corrosion. 

Our inventory consists of three main lip designs including LUP, LDS, and H styles. However we have access to any clipper style seal. 


O Rings

The most commonly used seal is the O-Ring. Typically placed in a groove or slid over a shaft to provide a seal between two items, the O-Ring is a low-cost item but without the proper O-Ring an application will fail. 

We inventory a all AS568 sizes in Buna 70, Buna 90, Viton 75, and Viton 90. With access to over 50 million+ sizes in compounds including Buna, Viton, Silicone, Aflas, Kalrez, EPDM, PTFE, FFKM, and more. If its not something we have in stock we are able to get it for you quick. 


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